Show canvas everywhere

I love this feature. In fact, I’m now using it for everything. Why bother naming and trying to pronounce links when you can have a number. I literally have a screen full of numbers when I say, “show canvas”. My question is, if I say it by mistake, how do I stop or undo it? Obviously, I can’t say those two words in this dictation or…

Great that you like it. We've fixed several bugs and have made several improvements.

Will have the new release on Monday.
I also think that it's a fantastic feature. Evan, the programmer who works with me, invented this.
We're thinking about calling it:
Super Numbers
Everything is now accessible
To close the canvas, say close canvas. (This is so important that we have put this with a little x on the top right of the screen.)

Why don’t you call it, the “see and say everything” feature

Or, “see it and say it”


Not a bad idea except for the fact that we would be infringing upon one of Nuance’s (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) trademarks and copyrights (i.e., Say-What-You-See (Tracking)).

On the other hand, we need to keep it simple and straightforward. However, the thought is appreciated.
Chucker2013-03-04 08:41:43

As I turned 60 last month, plus being the spawn of siblings, I don’t get some things as quickly as others. What is the difference between the display numbers function and the display canvas function?

As always, thanks so much.



The best analogy that I can come up with is that Display Numbers is like opening a can of paint and just throwing it (i.e. paint) at a wall. Not very creative and the paint goes wherever it goes without your having any control over it. Super Numbers, which is what we’re now calling it, lets you you put the paint wherever you need it and/or want it. Like the difference between creating a modern art canvas and creating a painting of the Mona Lisa.

Super Numbers lets you create, modify, customize, choose specific overlays/canvases depending upon the window that you’re looking at and the number of the canvas that you created, delete canvasses, and in general customize your overlays any way that you want. We’re also going to add a feature that will allow you to customize backgrounds and print canvas colors and transparency, button colors and size, yada yada yada.

Another way of looking at it is that it is similar to creating tags.Chucker2013-03-05 10:32:03


Your analogy is spot on. When I was a senior in high school I had an art scholarship. I went to the school to see what was going on. It was in the age of Jackson Pollock were throwing pain on the wall was painting! I told them I wanted to learn to paint like Andrew Wyeth. When asked why, I said what they were teaching was BS. No more scholarship.

I hope you are Ron will put together a demonstration for this super numbers feature. It would be very helpful to those of us who are still struggling with the Heisenberg uncertainty.

As always, thanks so much,



We will definitely be creating demos for this feature. However, we’re waiting for all the testing to be complete before we do so and before the release the final version.

I’ve been playing with it and it’s pretty slick so far in terms of what you can do with it. Will let everyone know as soon as we’re satisfied.

One final point. It’s designed to work in applications and application windows that lack access to certain features Re: Dragon and even where “Display Numbers” is either ineffective or nonfunctional. In all cases it basically lets you create your own display numbers type of interface.