Shorter command for double click number


Currently I’m using overlays a lot with the program Iclone (animation program).
I have to perform numerous double clicks on numbers and my voice is getting kinda tired of having to say ‘double-click’ all the time.
Is there any way to edit VC’s XML file so that I would only have to say ‘do 4’, ‘do 45’ etc. to perform a double-click on a specific number?


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Open displaynumbers_w10.xml or displaynumbers.xml in


Search and replace “double click” with “double” or "do"

or paste this in before and after the existing double click commands


for some reason that didn’t work with my displaynumbers.xml, but it did work with my showCustomOverlayActive.XML file…


Speech19652017-10-13 09:22:55

My mistake.

The file you wanted to edit was showCustomOverlayActive.XML for the overlays.

displaynumbers.xml is for the command file for Intags.