Sennheiser MD 431 and USB pod pairings

Good morning!
I purchased a Sennheiser MD 431 had a question about which USB pods would work well with it. It came with the older version of the Andrea USB pod. I also have an Andrea PureAudio USB pod available and even a Buddy USB 5G. When using the Sennheiser MD 431, is there any difference between these? What would be your preference?
As always, many thanks for your assistance!


The Sennheiser MD431 II works well with either of the Andrea USB sound pods. You might find it works better with the half duplex vs. the Andrea PureAudio USB-SA because the half duplex has a higher gain on the signal output than the pure audio. However, either one of them work well. Your choice. I'd recommend you try each one and see which one you like better.

It's been a while since I've tested the Sennheiser MD431 II with the Buddy USB 5G. However, it's questionable whether or not it will work properly because, if I remember correctly, I had to move to the Buddy USB 6G when I purchased this microphone. You can try it, but my guess is that you may very well not get any response of the Sennheiser MD431 II when running the Audio Setup Wizard (Check Microphone). If you don't, then it's unusable with that USB sound pod. The other two will work just fine.