Selecting Excel cells past A to Z

I’m able to select Excel cells in columns A to Z with no problem, but I haven’t found a way of saying “select sell AB 5” that will get it to select that cell.

Correct, Dragon’s select commands only work for columns a-z.

VoiceComputer has a
"move to cell " command.
for example, Move to cell alpha bravo 5.
Then "Select cell"

However, the command is commented out (disabled) by default. (we comment out many commands because using too many commands slows down Dragon.

You can uncomment the command by searching for it in the command file.

The VC commands files are in:

The command file is office2016.xml, or office2013.xml, …, depending on your version of office.

The command looks like this in the command file:

to activate the command, move the “–>” to the top of command so it looks like this:
and then save the file.

<![CDATA[move to cell ]]>