Screen Grid is offset by the taskbar


If the windows taskbar is on the left hand side or along the top of the screen, the screen grid is offset by the width/height of the taskbar, making the numbers incorrect.
E.g., mine is on the left, which I find much better on widescreen displays, and the displayed screen grid starts at 1 at the right edge of the Windows taskbar, which in reality is where the mouse pointer ends up if I say “move mouse 5 at 1”. The right edge of the screen grid is also visible on my second monitor off to the right, the same width as my windows taskbar ,so in effect the entire grid displays shifted over by the width of the taskbar.
Whilst on the topic, can we not include zero in the possible mouse coordinates? e.g. I’d like to say “move mouse 30 at zero” to put it at the very top, but it will only accept 30 at one.


Well, I can meet you halfway.

I’m just finishing up another release with some bug fixes and, IMHO, a great new window control feature. (More about this in a day or two.)

The next release, due within a couple of days, will have zero and one hundred in the mouse commands, letting you position the mouse from 0 at 0 to 100 at 100.

I also added a new drag mouse command as in: Drag mouse upper left 97 (from the current mouse position).

The screen grid is merely a semi-transparent window and windows get offset by taskbars, etc.

When I have the DragonBar on top, I just add a few to the screen grid’s numbers…

In the future, I could add a configuration utility for the screen grid which would eliminate this problem…

Hi Ron,

Thanks, the zero and 100 will be nice.
Regarding the screen grid, is it not possible to place it ‘underneath’ the taskbar, since VoicePower will - annoyingly - occasionally do this with my applications anyway. One example I can consistently reproduce is if I say “configure VoicePower”, and “number three open”, the resulting window is right up against the left side of the screen, under the taskbar. See example at


Interesting. It’s a different type of window but it may give me some alternatives.

The “Track Open Windows” command in the forthcoming release may be useful to you than the taskbar. Let me know when you try it out.


Great, thanks. I was going to post a couple of issues around window management but will wait for the next release and let you know.


<p>The next release will introduce corrections to the screen grid and the mouse commands as appropriate to your problem and concerns<font face="Arial">.</font></p><font face="Arial"></font>