Screen grid doesn't work for me

Since I’ve been using VoicePower for a few months now, I thought I would start posting some observations on the form to hopefully generate some discussion and solve some issues.

First off, I’d like to say that I like the software. Much of it I don’t use and have not looked at, but I am enjoying working with the sections I do use.

I couple things I consistently have problems with are the Help window and the screen grid. Here is how I have my monitors set up. Note that the monitor on the right has the start bar and DragonBar at the top.

When I say “screen 2 screen grid”, the grid appears on monitor 1. If I say click X at Y, it clicks on monitor 2.

As far as the Help screen, it often jumps back and forth between the two monitors and really messes me up.


I’ll have Ron take a look at this. It appears that multiple monitors is trickier than either Ron or Evan initially anticipated.

We’ll get it working right.

It does act differently depending on how I configure the monitors in VoicePower.

The situation described above happens when I configure the landscape monitor, my default/main monitor, as monitor 1 in VoicePower.

If I configure the portrait monitor as monitor 1 in VoicePower, the screen grid always appears on the landscape monitor, whether or not I say “show screen grid” or “screen 2 screen grid”.


Odd circumstance, but perhaps something that will make sense to Ron.

Again, I’ll make sure he takes a look at this.