Saving webpage to my favorites web favorites folde

Happy early Easter to everyone,

I have searched for probably 90 minutes trying to figure out how to save webpages to the my favorites folder “web favorites.” I want to do this so I can bookmark and save websites such as Amazon prime.

Any suggestions?

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If you’re using IE, then create favorites by accessing the Favorites menu and then “Add to Favorites”.

To view the favorites, use Dragon’s “Show Web Favorites” command.

Thanks for getting back to me, Ron,

I use Chrome. Does it only work with Internet Explorer?

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But, you can configure Chrome to display its bookmarks on the menu and then use our “Intag Menu” command to number and open the folders and bookmarks.

The “Intag Menu” command also Intags the Chrome Menu, which lets you access the bookmarks.

Once you have Intagged the menus, you can continue to drill down through the menus with our “Menu <1-50>” command which clicks on the specified Intag and the re-Intags the menus.
In addition to Ron's advice, you can also implement this with two very simple DVC commands in Google Chrome:

The first one adds your website to favorites:

Add bookmark

SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+D}" (say "press enter" to confirm).

The second one shows all the bookmarks you've made in Chrome:

My bookmarks

SendKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+o}"



Thank you very much for getting back to me. My wife says I act like a 9-year-old but I suspect the 9-year-old would be able to create those commands you suggested. I am not very savvy with creating commands other than to add a command for someone’s email address.

Can you direct me where I could figure this out? Years ago, someone sent me the steps necessary to create a desktop file to save some commands. That was before years before VoiceComputer and I think it was Dragon 12.

I appreciate it.


Hi Jim,

I will try to explain it as if I was talking to a 9 years old ;-)

First, open Chrome browser (it doesn't matter which website).

Now issue the following commands (with the necessary pauses between them)

"start Command Browser"

"click Mode"

"click Script"

"Grammar" (or "click Grammar")

"Global Commands"

Now look for any of the commands that have: "" as part of the command name (if you haven't deleted any of the original Command Browser's contents they should be available).

Double-click any of them.

When loaded say: "Create New"

In the "My Command Name" field type:

Add bookmark

In the "DVC Script" field type:

SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+D}"

Next, check the Application-specific radio button. You will then see the Application drop-down menu appear.
Since you've already opened Chrome it should be available in the drop-down menu.

Finally say: "Save"

Your new command should be created.

Double-click it and say "Create New" to create the second command (My bookmarks) In a similar way.

Hope that helps!

Speech19652018-04-06 20:55:50

thanks, Rob,
I must be doing something wrong. When I click the “create new” after double-clicking one of the commands that contains the word mouse in it (I have to click it as it does not recognize the create new command), I get the my command name field and I type in “Add bookmark”. However, I cannot type in the what I presume to be the DVC script field. There is a insert list button next to the command name. When I open that a list shows up.

I have to be doing something wrong.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I think I followed the commands carefully.

Any other thoughts?



I was able to get the 2 commands where they appeared in the list of commands. But now what? I had the browser open and said add bookmark in the dictation box opened up.

I know that websites can be saved with the voice computer method because in thebookmarks demo webpages are saved.

I am flummoxed as usual.




As you can see, Rob gave me some advice. However I still am not able to save webpages to the favorites folder so I can open them according to the bookmarks demo. I want to try to be as hands-free as I can; in other words, use as much as voice computer as I possibly can. The bookmarking process is one I want to be able to use.

So in other words, if I have chrome open and want to save a webpage and use it like in the bookmarks demo can I do that?

The demo makes it all look so easy. I don’t have music files but won’t even think about trying to save them.

Any additional help would be appreciated.



Jim, I created a video for you that demonstrates the procedure of creating these commands:


Thank you, Rob,

The use dictation box for unsupported applications was already unchecked. The dictation box still comes up when I issue the command.

Thanks so much for making the video. I really appreciate it.