Saving DRA files

Silly question I guess…

If I am saving my DRA files after a dictation session during which I was listening to soft/quiet background music in the background, what does that do to the DRA files? Does saving the DRA files when listening to music then include the music I was listening to as well?

If I’m listening to music during a given dictation session, should I just not save the DRA files and only save the DRA files when I’m in a totally quiet environment?

Many thanks for your wonderfully helpful feedback!



If you’re saving dra files from Microsoft Word, DragonPad, or WordPerfect, playing soft or modern music in the background has absolutely no impact whatsoever because the purpose of these dra files is playback. They are not used by the Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer nor do they have any impact on your accuracy.

If you’re talking about dra files that are preserved in the currentvoice_containerdrafiles folder of your user profile, I wouldn’t even worry about these because if the music were going to impact on your accuracy, it would impact on it while you are dictating. Dra files contain both your audio and the text, but it is highly unlikely that if you don’t see the impacting music on what you’re dictating, you would see it relative to dra files.

In short, I wouldn’t be concerned about and I would continue to save your dra files as always. BTW, when I want to listen to music at a higher volume level that might begin to interfere with DNS accuracy, then I use a pair of Bose noise canceling earphones (earbuds). Makes it a little difficult to hear computer sounds and playback because of the noise canceling characteristics, but that doesn’t particularly bother me unless I absolutely have to hear what’s being fed back to me through the computer speakers. Otherwise, DNS is mostly visual anyway.

DRA files - “Take 2”

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<P style=“MARGIN: 0.75pt 1.5pt 0pt” =Msonormal>When I save DRA files at the end of a dictation session, does DNS 11 Pro automatically save the DRA files in both locations? That is, does it save the DRA file alongside the Word document I may have been working on (wherever I might be saving the Word files) and also in the currentvoice_containerdrafiles folder of my user profile or do I have to configure DNS to save DRA files in both locations so that I may take advantage of these when I run the Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer? <o:p></o:p>


The dra files that are saved with a Word or DragonPad, or WordPerfect, are saved independent of what Dragon saves in the currentvoice_containerdrafiles folder. In all likelihood, but perhaps not in the same manner, what you have in your Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or DragonPad dra is also saved in the drafiles folder because Dragon saves all your dictation in dra files in the drafiles folder. The only problem there, of course, is finding it because they're not labeled and they don't necessarily follow any particular order except date and time. But the basic answer to your question is that Yes Dragon saves them in both places just not in the same format or manner. On the other hand, no you can't configure DNS to automatically save it in both places, it simply does. But, again, you may find it hard to find in the drafiles folder. In other words, Dragon saves your dictation in dra files in the drafiles folder irrespective of whether you save them with a document or not. The only difference is that those dra files that are saved with documents are not included as part of the Acoustic and Language Model Optimizer function.

The way that I put it might be a little confusing, but the bottom line is that you don't have to worry about it.