RIAA is still crashing

My RIAA for Chrome is still crashing every few minutes with a pop up window. I had no choice but to disable it. I noticed on Knowbrainer that almost everyone is having the same problem. It’s a very annoying pop-up box! Have you ever come to a resolution or root cause? I know you mentioned that you’re not having the same problem, but many other people including myself are experiencing it. Can the voice computer add-on for chrome work without the RIAA?
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Yes, the VoiceComputer Chrome extension does not require Dragon’s RIA extension in order to function. It works independent of such.

My computer is much more stable without it.garysolo2013-08-12 05:26:07

It actually works better without it.


The problem with the RIA is a problem between Dragon and Chrome/Windows. It has no bearing or impact on the Chrome extension for VoiceComputer.

Some users are running into this problem and some are not. Nuance hasn’t figured out what the problem is yet, but it’s their problem.

The Chrome extension should work, as you note, just fine without the RIA. RIA is only viable for Gmail and Yahoo! mail in Google Chrome anyway.Chucker2013-08-12 05:29:06