RIA crashes

I am noticing that often I can’t close the, “show numbers” command in chrome. I issue the, “close numbers” command and nothing happens. Some of the time, if I say show numbers again even though the numbers are there, I am able to close numbers after that. But not all the time. I also notice that the RIA extension crashes as I see the error message on my screen right after that happens. From reading some blogs and news groups, it sounds like that extension is very unstable.< id=“plugin0” =“application/x-dgnria” width=“0” height=“0” style=": ; : 1000">< name=“tabId” value=“54”>

What blogs and news groups? We have several test sites and have seen no instability nor do we have any reports of this.
First, have you noticed any problems that you (and we) can replicate?


I will look for some of those writeups I saw. Here is an example of the error message I get often and matched what people were writing about.


Try going to Settings | Tools | Extensions. Then, remove the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Rich Internet Application extension (i.e., click on the trashcan).

Once you have done this close Chrome, shut down and restart VoiceComputer and Dragon, reopen chrome and check the Settings | Tools | Extensions to make sure that the RIA extension has been reloaded and enabled.

See if that fixes the problem with RIA crashing. Let us know one way or the other. Sometimes the RIA extension becomes corrupted. By doing the above, RIA should be correctly reinstalled and enabled.

Also, if “close numbers” doesn’t work properly, try “hide Display Numbers”.Chucker2013-06-10 04:20:11


This is one place I saw it. But, I saw it in others as well.


I actually tried that yesterday. I removed the RIA totally. The problem was that it didn’t fix the issue and it did not come back. I ended up uninstalling chrome and re-downloading it from the Google site in order to get that back.
In terms of the close numbers command, “high display numbers” still did not work.but, the close numbers command did work this time. It may be a voice training issue. I’ll keep at it and let you know
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If you followed my instructions and the RIA extension did not reenable itself, then the problem was with Chrome. Under normal conditions the instructions that I gave you will reenable the RIA extension.

On one occasion I had the same problem and discovered that reinstalling Chrome solved the issue. Some users who are having problems with the RIA extension haven’t read the which clearly indicates that you have to be using Google Chrome version 24 or better. In my case, the problem was that Google Chrome was corrupted causing the RIA to crash. I haven’t had that occur now for a long time under Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, or Windows XP 32 bit.Chucker2013-06-10 06:12:38