Resources for adaptive technology?

Programmers may be familiar with the idea of a “stack”. It’s just a bunch of technology that works together. For example, Linux for the operating system, Apache for the server, MySQL for the database, PHP for the programming language.

In a similar fashion, I have found that I need a “stack” of technology to minimize typing and mousing. Mine currently consists of:

  • Dragon
  • Voice Computer
  • Talon (voice coding software that works with Dragon and other voice-to-text engines)
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard
  • Kensington Trackball
  • Kinesis three-pedal foot pedal
  • Display Fusion monitor management software
  • Lots of custom commands and tricks for Dragon

Anyway, I’m wondering where else folks go to get good information on building a stack. I have been referred to several websites focused on adaptive technology, but none of them seem to be about what we are doing here.

Where do people go to find out more? For example, what is the best foot pedal to use, what are the best tricks for using Dragon?

The Know Brainer forums are very helpful, although their forum software is horrible.