Replace “press enter” command by only saying “enter” in DNS 15


Anyone that could let me know what the advanced script code is, to replace the command “press enter" and instead only saying “enter", in DNS 15?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, regards.

The easiest route is to create a ‘Step by step’ macro.
name it ‘enter’ and press the enter key when prompted.

The full VoiceComputer includes
“Enter Key”
“Enter 1-20”
To avoid false positives we name all our macros with (at least) 3-4 syllables.

Even easier, use the word “slap.” Seems like a small distinction, but you will say it a lot, and it is very unlikely to come up in normal speech or writing.

The word “slap” is a very good command name for a voice command you frequently use. I use it to toggle pointer movement with Eviacam (WebCam-based head mouse). Using proper “nomenclature” is crucial. On one hand, you want to speak as little as possible for voice ergonomic reasons, on the other you don’t want to trigger your command at inappropriate moments. Indeed it is best to use non-existing words. That way your regular dictation won’t get confused with your command names.

There’s an even better alternative. You can use an utterance like “sssjjj”. This almost completely bypasses the use of your vocal cords. This is an utterance you can perform all day (or night). Here is an (older) video where I’m using it to Page Down continuously in Chrome. You may want to watch it in fullscreen to see the details:

When it comes to emulating pressing the Enter Key. There are several ways of achieving this. Using the VC voice shortcuts is a good and user-friendly way of achieving it. But you can also do it natively in Dragon® via various methods.

  1. The fastest method
    Using a single DVC SendKeys command:

SendKeys “{Enter}”

However, sometimes that doesn’t work and you need to send keys to “the system”. In that case you can use (slower):

SendSystemKeys “{Enter}”

This will always work with single keystrokes. However, in some rare cases sending key combinations this way won’t work (I suspect it has to do with administrative rights). In that case, using the native step-by-step Dragon® command functionality will work. I suspect this is the closest to “physically entering keys”.

  1. Another approach would be to emulate command recognition via HeardWord:

HeardWord “press enter”

Again, DVC is the fastest approach. Using Advanced Scripting will be slower (even in DPI 15.6), particularly if you are sending key combinations.