Repeating a keystroke?

Is it possible (with either VP or DNS) to do repeat a keystroke multiple times with one command?
for example:
“press down arrow three times” or "press escape two times"

I looked at using a DNS macro, but it appears it only takes regular text and not other keystrokes such as down arrow.

Greg FH


Although I have never had occasion to repeat a keystroke command multiple times, you should be able to do this with VoicePowerâ„¢ (configure VoiceShortcuts | Add or Edit a 'Keyboard Shortcut Command).

Keep in mind that you are using DNS Premium, which does not allow you to create custom commands other than Text and Graphics macros. However, the VoicePowerâ„¢ voice shortcuts for keystroke commands should accommodate you in most instances as shown above.

Also, this should work because the keystroke commands in VoicePowerâ„¢ apply keystrokes sequentially vs. simultaneously. If you're looking for the application of simultaneous keystrokes, that won't work. But, if you're looking to execute the same keystroke three times in sequence, that will work, or least it should. Try it out and let us know how it works for you.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can enter up to six multiple keystrokes. However, you may have to experiment a little too be absolutely sure that combinations of different keystrokes work. There may be conditions in a given application where using diverse combinations or mixes of keystrokes may not work properly, such as applying a down arrow or down keystroke coupled with a Windows key combination and/or a Ctrl/Shift key combination. Again, it's something you will just have to experiment with, but do let us know what you discover in attempting to apply such.

Chucker2012-08-07 09:50:06


This worked perfectly. I use keyboard shortcuts in Google mail. Pressing the letter J moves the current message selector down to the next message. Pressing the letter K moves the selector up one message.

Rather than saying “press j, press j, press j”, I was looking for a way to say “down three rows” and have it press J three times.

I have Mouseless Browsing installed in Firefox, but the individual message rows in Gmail are not assigned link numbers (see image)

The only other way I could think of was to do sharpshooting with cursor control (such as “click 27 at 41 on screen two” and hope I hit the right message line.

I grant that it may be a silly use of the shortcut function, but it works for me.

Thanks a bunch!

Oops. I guess drag&drop of images doesn’t work (although it appeared to until it got posted).
At any rate, here’s the gmail/firefox/mouseless browsing image:


Posting screen captures is a matter of making sure that you go to the full reply editor and then click on the "insert image" toolbar button and follow the instructions.

Works like a charm as you can see.Chucker2012-08-12 14:54:29


Now that you inserted that great screenprint, I was wondering if you can explain what the application is for the insertions on the right where it says, “text alphanumeric”?

I understand and use the left part where I have created commands that activate keystrokes like F2.