Repair VoicePower Redux

I ran the repair from the control panel. A menu came up saying it was configuring it and started loading something and then it disappeared. Tried it a couple of more times and same result.

Is it repaired?

I just noticed that the VoicePower desktop icon is missing.



Trionalaw2012-08-24 11:23:45


See my response to your other post in this regard for more detail. However, to basically answer your question, the answer is YES the repair has completed despite the fact that there is no “finish” notification.

I’ve noted icons disappearing from the desktop with regard to other applications. However, it seems to be random and doesn’t seem to have any specific or identifiable action associated with it. This has happened to me on more than one occasion with regard to creating a shortcut for Windows Explorer, which seemingly disappears after some other action or possibly because of the resorting of icons. Gremlins in the Windows toolbox!!!Ouch

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s unlikely that it has anything to do either with VoiceComputer/VoicePower, or running a repair of such. If it doesn’t automatically show up the next time you reboot or if you right-click on the desktop and select Refresh. If it doesn’t or it continues to remain missing, simply re-create the shortcut. Rare occurrence regardless of the cause.

Thank you, Chucker:

Hopefully,things will remain quiet until I get my Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 12. It was supposed to ship tomorrow but I think it is a week delayed. Yesterday when I ran a repair of Dragon 11.5, when I removed the disc I scraped it across the side of my desk and scratch it.I suspect it won’t work too well going forward.

Much appreciated.