Renaming bookmarks

I figured out with several of my bookmarks I need to go one step deeper. Do I have to delete the bookmarks and start over or is there some way I can modify them?

As always, much appreciated.



Yes, it is possible to modify your tags (bookmarks). Note we call these tags not bookmarks even though the dialog makes reference to such.

However, make one single mistake and all of your bookmarks will go away and they will be unrecoverable without help from me and/or Ron.

If you want to learn how to do it, let me know and we can go online with TeamViewer and I can show you. However, if we do this, it will not be a freebie. I charge $120 an hour for teaching these kinds of things.

The safest and most reliable way for the average user to do this is simply to delete each tag one of the time and re-create it with the create tag dialog.
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As always, Chucker, thanks so much.

Since I had only three commands to change I went ahead and deleted them and then rename them in the appropriate form.

One of these days, I will have to hire you to find out why I can’t dictate into VoiceComputer.

Happy early Halloween.

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