Reinstall from XP to Windows 7

I upgraded my computer to a Windows 7 64-bit machine. I then downloaded the latest version of voice power and copied/pasted my saved.INI file to the new voice power file found in my documents. Unfortunately, I’m getting a tremendous amount of instability and a lack of commands since I did that. It looks like, all the trouble began when I pasted the old.ini file.

It appears that if you go into the my documents on the new set up and rename the voice power file (I rename mine to voicepower2) it somehow works. I’m now getting great dictation and command reaction.


Copying the settings.ini from one backup to your VoicePowerâ„¢ folder after installing the new version is a no-no, as is renaming your automatic backup folders from VoicePower.bk# to VoicePower. The only thing that you will do is screw up VoicePowerâ„¢. When we make changes to versions, we make changes to those things that affect both commands and the settings.ini file. This is why we created the Export/Import VoicePowerâ„¢ files command to handle any of the restoring of VoiceShortcuts. Making manual changes on your own without asking first is asking for trouble. The latest and greatest VoicePowerâ„¢ (VoiceComputerâ„¢) is designed to handle all of these changes for you. If you have a problem that you think requires that you go in and manually change anything, check with us first and be sure that you let us know VoicePowerâ„¢ versions (i.e., the version that you're coming from and the version that you're going to).
If I'm correct, I think you got that straightened out working with Ron. However, in the future import your VoicePowerâ„¢ files, never replace any of the files in the VoicePower folder with any previous VoicePower folder or VoicePower backup folder. That's a sure way to get VoicePowerâ„¢ to blow up in your face and not work properly.
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Lastly, when you're going from Windows XP to Windows 7, whatever the settings are for Windows XP, they are 32-bit. When you go to Windows 7 64-bit and you download and install the 64-bit version of VoicePowerâ„¢ (VoiceComputerâ„¢), the settings are not identical and commands that were originally created for 32-bit will not work in the 64-bit version. Again, it's one of those Murphy's Law issues. That is, once you pull the pin on the grenade, Mr. grenade is no longer your friend.
Chucker2012-07-23 08:11:12


Thank you for the advice about importing. I will definitely do that in the future. The only residual issue that I am still having is the strange phenomenon of having to go back and reopen voice power after I used voice power the first time and Dragon opens. In other words, I double-click on the voice power icon and everything opens. However, in reality only Dragon opened in voice power needs to be opened the second time manually.


If you go back and review what I said in, this is why you are having the current problem. VoicePowerâ„¢ does not recognize the way you have it set up because it’s not finding what it’s looking for.

We developed the Import/Export feature in an attempt to avoid users making, or attempting to make, manual changes to the setup without understanding exactly what they’re doing and what they need to do. You may have rectified your original issue, but you pulled the pin on the grenade and Mr. grenade is now no longer your friend. In short, there is a way to correct this by keeping the most current automatic backup folder that has all of your voice shortcuts in it and deleting any other “VoicePower” folder in your Documents folder. Then close everything down and restart VoicePowerâ„¢. This will create a new VoicePower folder, after which you simply use the “import VoicePower files” command and simply follow the instructions above in my previous post and go to the automatic backup folder. This will import any of your VoiceShortcuts as long as you make sure that you follow the instructions above.

Otherwise, you’re going to continue having the problem that you currently are experiencing. Chucker2012-07-24 04:46:57