Refreshing Taskbar

The numbers on the taskbar occasionally do not refresh as per the following screenshot:
Is there a command to explicitly update the taskbar numbers?
Thanks for the screenshot. You're getting double numbering, a (rare) bug. I've seen this twice in 8 months of use of the new taskbar commands.
You need to restart speech to get rid of this.
We'll be adding a command to turn the taskbar commands on/off very soon but not in the version we're releasing within the next couple of days.

We need to track down the cause of this bug. If you remember the approximate time it happened, please send me the VoiceComputer and Dragon logs for us to look at.
(the VoiceComputer log.txt file is located in the C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputer directory)

RonK2018-03-02 10:49:54