Problems with Google Chrome

When I try to use VC with Google Chrome, my screen will resize when I use the command "show overlay". I'd like to keep my Google Chrome full-screen so I can count on things being placed in the same location every time. Does anyone also have this and is there a solution for it?

There is a chance you've already created an overlay before (empty) which you should probably first delete.
Then, with Chrome maximized, say "create overlay".


The first time you say, Show Overlay in an application, the screen position is memorized. Then, anytime you repeat the command, the overlays resize the application to the memorized size.

Say, Delete Overlay to delete the overlay (and yes to confirm).

Resize the window to maximized and then say Show Overlay. The window should stay maximized and the maximized size will be memorized for subsequent uses of the Show Overlay command.