Problems dragging messages from one folder to anot

I am fond of dragging messages from my inbox to other more specific folders in Outlook. However, I have an annoying problem with numbers over 99. Let’s say if I want to drag number 107 in my inbox to number 120 in my favorites folder. Nothing happens.

How are you pronouncing numbers over 99?

For example, are you saying “one oh seven” or are you saying “one hundred seven”? Try saying "“one oh seven”.

Another example is don’t say “three hundred and twenty”, try saying “three twenty”. Some of the numbers over “99” have to be said/spoken differently. We’ve tried to correct all these issues but there are probably some that remain.

Just out of curiosity, say “show VoiceComputer version” and let us know which version you’re using currently.
Chucker2016-12-03 08:24:13