Problem with self-programming keyboard shortcuts

Hi Ron and team,

I recently started using an incredible task management application called Asana (which I highly recommend!) It’s also free, if you feel like creating an account to see for yourself what I am talking about below. :slight_smile:

All of Asana’s keyboard shortcuts begin with TAB (e.g., TAB + q is used to “quick add” a task). I’m attaching a screen shot of their command list to this message.

I just spent some time testing out Voice Computer’s self programming commands (specifically, the self programming keyboard shortcuts) in order to set up all of the “TAB + …” Asana keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately, I discovered that when I entered “Tab” into the “first keystrokes” field and “q” into the first “additional keystokes” field and then tried out my command, the command “worked” by pressing tab and THEN q (not holding down tab). Otherwise stated, I’m missing the “+”.

Is there anything that I can do differently so that I can set up a command to press TAB AND q at the same time? Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:



I tried out Asana more than two years ago and created a set of commands for it. The program didn’t work for me at that time but they have greatly improved the program and need to give it another look.

Before you try to make any commands for Asana, try out our Show Numbers commands for Chrome. I would guess that they’ll work in Asana.

Our keyboard shortcut commands weren’t made to work with a Tab combination key but this probably can be changed in a future release.

I’ll email you my macro set from two years ago but many commands have changed. However, you can modify these commands. (And, I can help you through the forum.) Once you do this, just copy the asana.xml commands into your DocumentsVoiceComputerCommandsCustom, restart speech and VoiceComputer will recognize the commands.

RonK2014-05-05 18:14:13