Problem with one website

I am using to help me improve my knowledge of German, and this involves entering translations of German text into a text box on their site. For some reason, whenever I dictate text into the text box the enter key is disabled and saying ‘Enter’ or ‘Press Enter’ or pressing the enter key has no effect whatsoever. The only way to reactivate the enter key is to enter or dictate a letter and press the backspace key, or press the left arrow key, and the enter key is then reactivated.

I normally use Firefox for this website, but see the same problem in Chrome and Internet Explorer.

At first I thought the problem was with Dragon, but now I am wondering if there has been a change on the website which causes Dragon to disable the enter key. As the problem does not occur when I’m typing in my answer then I know it must be related to Dragon.


k00651262014-08-04 11:10:46
Possible workarounds:

I'm guessing you're using Dragon's "type <keyboard key>" command. Eg. "type backspace" or "type backspace key". If not that may work as a verbal way to reactivate the Enter key as it reproduces the keyboard action.

Alternatively you could try using the Dictation Box. If using the Dictation Box, initially you get the same behaviour you could try changing the paste options in the Dictation Box settings.


I did that, but of course the drawback is that you then have to retype the last letter. I also just hit the left arrow key which reactivated the enter key.

As a different approach I decided to try KnowBrainer and set up a command to press the left arrow key, then the right arrow key and then the enter key and this is what I’m using at the moment. After I have explored KnowBrainer a little more I will be in a position to decide whether to buy it.