Problem Positioning Windows on 3rd Monitor


I would be grateful if somebody could advise a solution to enable positioning an application window on my third external monitor.

Current setup:

DPI 15 running VoiceComputer 2021, 1.7.5.

Lenovo L13 Yoga Gen 2 (i7, 16GB, 512 SSD with W10pro 21H2).

Three identical external Dell P2423 24 inch monitors. Current resolution on all devices is 1920X1200 with monitor 1 set as Main monitor in Windows display settings and all three monitors have same Scale and layout options set to 125%. In Windows display settings Lenovo screen is disabled, monitor 1 = left-hand, monitor 2 = right-hand, monitor 3 = directly above left-hand monitor 1.

Configure VoiceComputer ‘5. Configure both mouse and monitor commands for two or three monitors’ action to cover all three monitors matching the Windows display setting monitor numbers.


Both ‘Show intags’ and ‘Show Screen Grid on’ <1 | 2 | 3> work flawlessly for all three Dell monitors. So does ‘Place window monitor one’ and ‘Place window monitor two’ with DPI15 Recognition History always showing an X in the command column. :smiley:

However, whilst DPI15 Recognition History always recognizes either ‘Place window monitor three’ or ‘Place program monitor three’ correctly - it never adds the coveted X in the command column. Neither does the window move - it simply flickers as DPI15 seems to try to find matching text for the string just entered when directed to monitor 3. :crazy_face:

I would be most grateful of any help either to fix or how to troubleshoot why ‘Place window’ or ‘Place program’ do not work for monitor 3!

“Down Under” Aussie Barney Blue!

Well, it seems we accidentally deleted the ‘Place window monitor three’ or ‘Place program monitor three’ commands…

Does ‘Place focus monitor three’ work?

I’m only using two monitors right now, so I need to add my third monitor, add the command and test it.

Hi Ron,

Thanks for responding quickly and no, ‘Place focus monitor three’ does not work. Dragon recognizes it as a command, putting an X in the Command column of the Recognition History. Yet that’s it - nothing happens as it does magically for ‘Place focus monitor two’.

Sorry to put you to the trouble of plugging in that third monitor. I use it to keep track of my Nightscout diabetes real-time blood sugars and other such ‘heads-up’ critical tools.

I look forward to hearing from you again with hopefully a quick resolution.

Barney Blue!