Problem after Windows updates

After installing the following Windows 10 updates:


The my intag resizing commands (also the previous one) don't work anymore. The WinBatch part of the command doesn't seem to load properly, at least it's not visible in the active window.
I tested this on two different computers.

Any ideas?

Speech19652017-10-13 09:17:44
Maybe some files got overwritten? Makes no sense.

I emailed you the new WinBatch files.

If these don't work, try uninstall / resintall?


What is your current version of Windows 10 (i.e., mine is 1703, OS build 15063.413), which is current as of June 18, 2017.

I don't see kb4022405. I have the other two current as of June 14, 2017. Check your update history. What is the update for kb4022405.

The reason that I ask is that sometimes Microsoft will provide updates for things that are not purely "Windows". Also, I'm using the Creators update and there are two updates listed as kb4022725. One was installed on June 13th and the other was installed on June 14th. Check yours and let me know because I don't have any problems on my version of Windows 10.


Sorry for my late response, I have downloaded the above updates manually, from the Windows update catalog, because Windows wouldn't update automatically anymore.
Where can I find my exact version? It says that I'm up to date.
I have just recovered from a serious computer problem. My True Image image files couldn't even be restored anymore (I've never had this happen before). It had something to do with two of my five partitions being corrupted (yes, exactly the ones I had all my images stored), don't have a clue why.
Anyway, after an enormous amounts of reboots, attempts, image restoring (with a lot of wear on my SSD as a result), running through all kinds of dos prompts (which didn't work) I finally managed to get things running again.
Luckily I had saved my latest VC installation with the program EaseUs todo PCTrans. I had that restored in just three clicks (and it included the two Win Batch files Ron send me).
Now MyIntag resize commands work perfectly.


Speech19652017-10-13 09:17:54


Your version of Windows 10 is located in Settings | System | About. You indicated that yours is version 1703, OS build 15063.413. That is the most current for Windows 10.

When you refer to partitions, are you talking about hard drives or are you talking about a hard drive that is configured for several partitions? Partitioning a single drive is no longer recommended for the very reasons why you ran into that particular problem. In addition, keep in mind that when you're using TrueImage for backups, never, NEVER use compression. That's a sure way of screwing up your backups. Then there, done that in the past, but I learned my lesson.

I remember a long time ago my dad told me that the only real learning takes place at the University of Hard Knocks. Over my years of experience with hardware and software, that seems to have held up.