Post your New show canvas applications

It would be great if we can post new ways we are using the, “show canvas” application here.

In my case, I teach University classes online. The campus sites always contain many buttons and icons. This new feature allows me to access all of them for the first time. For example, I use the new feature which places the number 39 over an icon shaped like a house that is used to close a course. For the very first time, I can use Dragon to close a course.

RonK2013-03-03 18:59:53

Great idea. This command has a many options which allow for a tons of possibilities.

One option that you might be able to use is click 4, 8… and 39. (This will click all buttons specified. I If you can use this, I can post the syntax for this.)
I’ll start listing other options as soon as I’m finished with this new release!
We also have to come up with a name that hints at the possibilities of this.

Not a suggestion, but, how are canvases saved when we wish to upgrade to a different version?

[quote] Not a suggestion, but, how are canvases saved when we wish to upgrade to a different version? [/quote]
The commands are stored in the CustomOverlays.xml file in the documentsVoiceComputer directory.
Our newest release, 12.36.1, will import these files when you import your VC commands.


Currently they’re not saved. I’ve discussed this with Ron and indicated to him that we need to include the settings for canvases/overlays in Super Numbers in the Backup and Import VoiceComputer’s configuration (#8 & #9 in “Configure VoiceComputer”). There is a workaround currently, but I have to check with Ron to make sure that it works properly. Regardless, once I am sure that it works and I have tested it thoroughly enough to guarantee it, I will share it with everyone. Even so, with the workaround you have to make sure that you restart Dragon and VoiceComputer. Otherwise it won’t work.
Chucker2013-03-11 08:20:38

Thanks Ron,

I am trying 12.36.1 now.