Place window upper right command, etc.

I spend a few minutes each day going through exercises, demos and commands to get more facile with this amazing program. I was doing the positioning Windows exercise and saw the note about going on the forum to get the "place window upper left: command and “place window upper right” command and I assume the commands for lower left and lower right.

I searched to see if there was anything about the command on the forum. I found a string of 4 entries. When I see words like “quadrate” (that’s probably not how it is spelled) I get the idea that to get these commands one needs to be able to write commands with the program. I don’t think I have that skill.

Still, I thought I would inquire out those commands because I just love all the functions and would like to have as many as I can get so I can continue to mesmerize my boy, Newman. He’s my assistant. He’s great at proofreading. Oh, by the way, I acquired him as a Christmas gift. He was a rescue puppy.

Thanks so much.


First, you need a good XML editor. (I've recommended a couple on this site.)
A good editor will flag syntax errors, helping you avoid all types of problems!

Open the positioncmds.xml
in the
directory (where all of VoiceComputer command files are located)

You can find the place window left and the place window right commands.

As you can see, the command places the window on the top left of the screen and resizes the X ratio to 1/2 of the screen and the Y ratio 1/1 (full screen).

To create an upper left command, copy the above command, making certain to copy and paste the full command. Then, rename the command and change the y ratio to 1/2 and you have your command.

It's easy if you're using a good XML editor that'll show you any syntax errors.

VC used to include a whole set of commands upper left, lower right, lower half, etc., and a lot of other commands that few used. But, if you keep adding commands, Dragon will slow down, so I deleted or archived hundreds, even thousands of commands.

I started to work on an easy to use an editor to create/edit commands but I've seen that most users don't need more commands and those who do would prefer to hire someone to create commands for them.

I'm sure some user on this site would be glad to create some commands for you, especially if you offered a little money (say $50.) to pay for their time.

As always, thanks so much, Ron.

I am thinking about dipping my toe into the XML editor and see what happens.

I will let you know what happens.

Much appreciated. Hope your weekend is going well.

Nice rain here in Cincinnati. I’m going to go to bed early.

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For the 2 lower commands is the place align: bottomright? I downloaded Notepad + + and I think I am doing it correctly.

I will let you know.


I was able to get the upper left and right commands to deploy!

As you can see, I’m pretty excited.

Thanks so much.


Well done!

It really is easy. But, it’s also easy to mess it up by leaving out a character.

Thank you. Did you see my question about the 2 lower commands? Is the place align: bottomright?

Much appreciated.




Thanks so much, Ron,

Working like a charm.

Enjoy your Sunday.