pgdn command

Dragon NaturallySpeaking and/or VoiceComputer is recognizing “page down” as a command in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Internet Explorer (I’m getting the blue box), but the command isn’t deploying. Any ideas? Thank you.


The problem you're having is with the Dragon commands for page up/page down.

VoiceComputer has numerous commands for paging and scrolling. However, the one that you want is for paging up or down <1-20>. However, the VoiceComputer help shows it as "page up/down <1-50>", which is incorrect. The limit is 20 pages, not 50 pages.

Nevertheless, if you think logically about it, you really don't want to go up or down more than 20 pages at a time. More than 20 pages is impractical in most cases.

When using this command, keep in mind that a page is determined by what is visible on screen. So, if you have 60 emails listed, "page down 1" will start the next page after the last email shown. For example, if you're Outlook is displaying 60 emails and you say "page down one", it, the next email that will be displayed at the top of the next page will be #61.

While we could make some adjustments to this, it's not something that we could adjust and/or fix for a while. As you know from our conversations, we have certain priorities which preclude us from adjusting every idiosyncrasy.

Chucker2017-01-31 11:53:50

Chuck –

Thank you! “Page down one” etc. works just fine.