Page down and other problems

The “page down” command does not work in some webpages, in chrome and in Internet Explorer. I can’t try it in Firefox, because Firefox with my other assisted programs is so slow it often causes my entire screen to turn black on and off, I assume eating up too much memory. (That in itself is strange – I have powerful laptop). I noticed that the page down command doesn’t work on SharePoint webpages for example, and when, sometimes, the computers focus seems to be on a particular navigational link and I can only move that focus by saying tab over and over. How do I get it to focus back on the actual content of the main webpage? Or is that not the answer to getting the page command to work? Thank you.

Using the newest DPI and VC.

This is a focus issue:
Some alternatives for you:
Use our tab <1-10> and back tab <1-10> commands.
Place focus in a specific field by:

  1. Saying the name of a link or other object in the field you want;
  2. Use our standard Intags, say the number of an Intag in the field you want;
  3. Create an overlay (and name it if you wish). An overlay lets you create numbered buttons that let you access any object, menu, or feature in a program or on a webpage regardless of whether or not they are currently accessible by voice. (See "Show Overlay Lesson)

Use the ESR version of Firefox. Firefox and Dragon only work well together if you are using ESR versions.

Thank you for the suggestions about the paging problems. I will try those. I am using the latest version of ESR Firefox. 91.13.0 ESR (64-bit). This pausing and intermittent black screen – sometimes it just stays black and I have to reboot — occurs even on my other laptop when using Firefox, DPI, and VC. Is this something you have seen or heard of with other folks? Thank you again for your kind assistance! I so appreciate it!

We’ll look into this but my first guess is that it’s your computer/Windows installation since you have two problems, neither one of which we’ve seen before.

I meant to say “Microsoft edge” rather than “Internet Explorer” in the message above.