outline justification

I couldn’t find anything on the index with regard to justifying an outline in word. Dragon has some commands. As it stood, I was not able to get my outline justified to the point that the numbers would line up. Because there was no horizontal justification, I had numbers and letters for what I wanted only numbers for. Strange.




VoiceComputer does not have any built-in commands for justifying outlines in Microsoft Word.

You should be able to access outlined justification directly in Microsoft Word using Dragon by itself. However, I haven't looked at Microsoft Word 2007/2010 to see how you would access this directly.

Hopefully, Ron will review this and if it's necessary to do so, we may be able to accommodate you in a future release of VoiceComputer. Additionally, if I discover any means of doing so currently, I will let you know. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at any hot keys in Microsoft Word and try using the VoiceShortcuts keystroke commands.

Thanks, Chucker:

I have been using the Dragon commands with some success.

Much appreciated,