open folder commands have left the building

these are the 2 commands I’m using: "open from my Triona template folder"and “open from Triona template folder.” When I deploy them from word they open the word template menu.

Occasionally, one or the other will work from the desktop.if I give one and it is recognized but does not deploy I try the other one. The recognition window will either say “please say again (or whatever that is)” or not recognize the command. Occasionally, from the desktop one or the other will actually deploy it to the correct folder.

I went back and made sure that on the configure voice computer menu I had checked the appropriate commands in the 1 folder.

Any ideas?

As always, thanks so much.


Did you lose these commands when you updated to VC 2020?

I am extremely embarrassed that I have not updated to 2020. I would assume I would purchase lite version update?

I still think it is my college girlfriend who let slip she was a member of a coven.

Much appreciated,