One-step copy in Excel doesn't work

This would be really useful function for me if I could get it to work. As long as I stay in a row range of 1-99 and a column range of A-Z, Dragon understands me just fine. If I go outside that range nothing shows up in the little recognition box. As I often work with large spreadsheets, it’s too bad this is all the range you get.

However, the above is a moot point since I can’t get the command to work anyway. As long as I’m within the range I mentioned above, this command will copy the last selected item/s from the client window into the master window. It doesn’t matter what coordinates I say. The last thing that was selected in the client window will be pasted into the active cell in the master window. For example, if cell A32 was last selected in the client window, and I say "copy through " while working in the master window, the contents of A32 will be pasted into the active cell. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m using VoicePower version and a 32-bit version of Office 2010 on a 64-bit OS. I’m guessing this problem and the one I just posted regarding client paging are related.


We're looking into this.


We found the problem. Just FYI it was syntax error. We will have an update for you in the next few days.
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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Anyway, maybe there’s a new version out that I don’t know about (I’m using version I’m still having the same problem as I described in my first post. Just wanted to let you know :-).