Office 365 update


My office 365 has just been updated, and now I am having trouble with InTags in Microsoft Outlook. When I open Microsoft Outlook, and have InTags on Microsoft Outlook crashes. Could you please help me.

This does not happen in any other Microsoft Office program.

Thanks Nigel


Couple of questions:

1. What version of Dragon are you using? While I would assume that you're using DPI 15, you need to verify that for me.

2. When you say Office 365, are you referring to Office 365 (2016)? Also, is it the desktop standalone or is it the subscription version?

3. Have you done a complete cold boot (i.e., shut down/power off) and retried opening Microsoft Outlook after restarting your system?

4. Have you tried shutting down and restarting Dragon and VoiceComputer?

5. When you say that Microsoft Outlook "crashes" with InTags enabled and turned on, what is the specific verbatim error message or warning (etc.) that you're getting.

I can't duplicate your problem because I've just received the Office 365 (2016) update and Outlook 2016 works just fine.

Lastly, say "show VoiceComputer version" and let me know what version is listed.

Also, go to or say "configure VoiceComputer" and check the version of Microsoft Office that is selected. It should show 2016. If not, change it.Note that if the wrong version of Microsoft Office is or has been select, this will cause Microsoft Office to crash. Likely not the case, but check it and corrected if necessary.
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Thanks for your reply,

The version that I am using of Dragon is Dragon Individual Professional 15. I am referring to office 365 (2016), it is the subscription version.
I have completed a cold reboot several times.
I have tried shutting down and rebooting both Dragon and VoiceComputer.
The version of VoiceComputer is 2.19.2.
The Microsoft Office version is set to 2016 under the VoiceComputer configuration settings.

Kind regards,


The version of VoiceComputer is 2.19.2

Versions 2.15 - 2.19.x have some dlls that were compiled only for 32 bit releases. In some circumstances these dlls can cause crashing.

Please upgrade to the most recent version of VC 2017 (v 2.20.5) by following the link you were sent with your order (free).
Or, upgrade to VC 2018 (charge for upgrade). We are releasing v 1.2 later today.