Office 2010

I am considering upgrading to Office 2010 and using Word 2010. I have Office 2007 on my computer now. If I upgrade to Office 2010, will I need to reinstall DNS 10.1 Pro? Will I need to reinstall VoicePower? Are there any other things I need to know in making a smooth transition and using DNS Pro and VoicePower as smoothly as I am presently using them in the Office 2007 environment?

As always, thanks for your wonderful support!


Alan et al.,

You should have received adequate notice and explanation my now, but just for the benefit of those users of VoicePower that are still wondering whether or not VoicePower supports Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit, there is a separate 64-bit version of VoicePower that is fully compatible with all 64-bit applications. The only requirement for this version is that it will only install on Windows Vista or Windows 7 64-bit. It is not compatible with or designed for Windows Vista or Windows 7 32-bit. That is a separate version which you can obtain if you’re only using 32-bit versions of Windows. However, also be advised that these two new versions are designed for DNS 11. In order to utilize them with DNS 9-10, you have to review the instructions for removing the appropriate line from the settings.ini file first.

Anyone who has any questions about how to do this either currently or before purchasing VoicePower, or upgrading to the current version 11.03, should simply ask us.