Numbers in the wrong place on second monitor

I cannot get the numbers lined up properly on the second desktop, even though I’ve run the configuration to set up VC on a second monitor several times. please see the screenshot.

Both monitors need to be set to the same text size (scale and layout), and both need to have the same layout orientation.
If this doesn’t work, then also set both monitors to the same resolution.

Hello, both monitors are set the same, see the screenshots.

We’ll be working on this. Specially, to allows users to use different text size and display resolutions on each monitor. By doing this, we’ll fix the problem you’re having. But, looks to be a big project so it may be a be a while.

Are the numbers off in all applications or do they align correctly in some programs?
Are any of your applications zoomed?

if you can, set the text size to 100% for both monitors.

Setting the text size to 100% made no difference.
The problem is with Edge, MS Outlook, whatsapp (standalone version).

it seems to do okay with File Explorer.

MS Word is the worst because the numbers look in the right place, but saying a number gives a completely different position.

I was able to duplicate and fix your issue.

Using a laptop.
If I configure the laptop screen as monitor two, the Intags don’t align properly in Word (and probably) other programs.

The fix was easy. I configured the laptop screen as monitor one and the Intags aligned properly on both monitors.
Both monitors are set to the same text size but the Intags continue to align properly even when I change the display resolution of one of the monitors.

We’ll be testing to see if we can change how the Intags display on multiple monitors.

Thank you for spending time trying to solve this!

You mean that within VoiceComputer, in “configure both mouse and monitor commands for two or three monitors”, we need to make the laptop monitor one. Indeed I had previously set this up with the external monitor 1.

But I changed it according to your suggestions, and made the laptop monitor one. But unfortunately it didn’t make a difference. I restarted VoiceComputer, and also restarted my computer.

I have emailed you some screenshots.

Hello, I’m having a similar problem with my taskbar. All the numbers do not line up with the icons. I’ve tried to include a snapshot but as this is my first post I’m not allowed. Just have to take my word for it : P

Thanks for posting!

Are you using two monitors?

Are you using a 4k monitor?

We’re looking into a few problems with high-resolution monitors.

Hi, thanks for the response. I am using 2 monitors and my taskbar is set to monitor 2. It’s not a 4K, it’s a old AOC2260 @ 1920x1080 resolution. My number 1 monitor is an even older Dell 3007WFP which i used for AutoCAD. Resolution on that is 2560x1600.
Hope this helps