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Be advised that due to the Ransomware attack worldwide, which has affected a large number of servers, particularly in the medical arena, the Nuance activation server is down with no projected fix time at present. While some Nuance websites are still active and accessible, a number of the Nuance servers are down for the count.

This is just a warning to everyone to avoid uninstalling Dragon unless you absolutely have to. The reason for this is that you will not be allowed to activate Dragon until this problem is resolved. Therefore, take great care in making decisions. You can run a Repair of Dragon because your activations are unaffected by such, but do not uninstall and reinstall Dragon unless you want to pay the piper.

All forum participants.

It has been reported that the Dragon (Nuance) activation server is back online.

Information has been provided by Nuance at the following link:

However, not all servers, other than the activation server, are back online. For example, the interactive tutorial and the Dragon help, both of which are dynamic and stored online, are not back up and running yet.

Still, it is advisable to err on the side of caution. That is, newly installed versions of Dragon should be able to be activated. However, if you only have one system and Dragon is already installed and activated, we advise that: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" until we get reports from end-users that verify the restoration of the activation server for Dragon.

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All forum participants:

The dynamic Dragon help files, which are stored online, are now accessible when searching the Dragon help in DNS 13 through Dragon 15.