Notification of the latest VoicePower


I LOVE VoicePower and wish that I had something like this when I was first starting. Needless to say, I’m having to do some UNlearning along the way with regard to how I do things in DNS but that’s what learning is all about.

Is there some way to receive automatic notification when a new release has been posted? I can always check back to the website but was just thinking it would be nice to have that notification so I would be aware of updates as they are posted.

Also, is there a way to update VoicePower from within VoicePower versus uninstalling one version and reinstalling the latest version?

Thanks for VoicePower. It’s truly an amazing piece of software and one that just keeps getting better and better!


has there been any progress in an updated release since the date of the original post as indicated at one stage.

I know that it mentions e-mail notification but this did not happen to me in the past so I am just doubly checking.

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A new release of VoicePower Ultimate, version 1.34, is ready for download.

Features include:

Improved Voice Directories. “Show My Favorites” now brings you fast and easy access to your files, folders, web sites, music, pictures and your tagged items. You can now sort your browsing by Word, Excel, PDF, xml, PowerPoint and text documents to quickly move through your directories to find, open and position your files.

New search features in Voice Directories. Now you can search for files, folders, favorite web sites that begin with or contain specified words and characters.

Redesigned introductory lessons. Our Speaking, Deletion, Selection and Correction Lessons now have less talk and more demos. Let us know what you think. Our continual improvement program continues.

Improved the Getting Started Guide. More complete with more tutorials. Part of our effort to help new users quickly get up and running.

Improved Show Me How Guide. Our one-stop reference guide to speech recognition continues to evolve.

Improved set of Outlook commands. Added more appointment commands and improved existing commands. – More to come!

VoiceTeach’s maintenance subscription program. At the beginning of the year, we switched to a user-friendly maintenance subscription system.

Under our new program, you can receive our upgrades at no cost if you bought an upgrade or a new copy of VoicePower Ultimate in 2010. Just log into our store and track your previous order to download the newest release! Log in at:

If you haven’t upgraded recently, you can upgrade for just $79. This will let you freely download all new versions for a full year. - This includes updates for any new versions of Dragon that may be released! - Upgrade now at:

Features that have been introduced in the last 6 months include:

VoicePower now works directly with Dragon and Windows Speech Recognition, and is 64-bit compatible.

New Show Me How Guide.

New graphical interface for Voice Directories. New lets your view your files, folders, web sites, music, pictures and open and position them with a single speech command.

New Voice Web Commands. .

New Voice Web Search Commands.

New VoicePower browser.

New Tag Feature.

New xml VoiceScript scripting language for Dragon & WSR.

VoiceTeach’s maintenance subscription program

When you purchase a new copy or an upgrade of one of our products, your purchase price will include a one-year maintenance subscription. During that year, you will be entitled to download and use any new versions of that product which are released, free of charge. At the end of the year, you will have the option to renew your subscription for an additional year. If you choose not to renew your subscription, you will be able to continue to use the versions which were released prior to your maintenance subscription expiration, but you will not be licensed to use future versions of the product.

Will the software I buy stop working after the year is up?

NO!!! You will be licensed to use the versions which were released prior to your maintenance subscription expiration, forever.

After using a couple of editions, I found out that you had a manual on the disc. Unfortunately, I found this out after installing the product. In the electronic manual you give very good instructions on installing and also on how to upgrade and save your user files. I would appreciate it if you would have some type of direction on the new version that would direct you to open the PDF file on how to install or upgrade before I (average user) would just click away and install the product.

In the last two versions that I tried, when I tried some of the videos, the screen would just sit there or go blank. Chuck mentioned this in another post. I hope you get that figured out also.
Finally, I did not get a chance to try the last version, but Chuck said that you made navigating the program better. I am still the kind of person that likes “road maps”. I thought you had a very good system early on with a kind of site map and that the choices were actually links to the information on the disc. I personally like to see an overview of the whole program on a single page, with the links also. Being ADHD and Dyslexic, I also appreciated the graphical presentation, not a table of contents, and the use of color. That is one of the things that Dr. Shed taught me about learning with ADHD. Use outline form and use color. Change font to represent levels of the hierarchy.
I think this is a great program and I have presented it at three computer club meeting in Rochester. Verbally I got a lot of thanks about showing Voice Power. Many of the club members had been having problems trying to learn Dragon.
Finally, I hope Nuance has not “ripped” you off on the way they are now going to use side panels.