No input, but VCCC triggers Restart Speech

What I describe below happens with my desktop and laptop, regardless of which profile I have open and which mic I use.

I say: “voicecomputer control center”, and then I keep quiet. (I have even tried turning off the microphone after calling VC control center.)

Within a second or two, VoiceComputer, without any user input, launches Restart Speech. This started happening after the Windows 1803 update. This is time-consuming and irritating.

Has this happened to others? Any ideas on how to fix it?

doicet2018-05-27 05:05:13
You're using the VC Microphone feature, right?

It seems that you're not using the most recent version of VoiceComputer 2018, v. 2.06

The newest version of the VC Mic uses two new commands:
Activate VoiceComputer
Activate Microphone

These are the most reliable commands we've ever tested. We find these commands to be extremely reliable.
I haven't had a single false positive in the last three months of use.

I recommend that anyone who's using the VC Microphone feature or wants to use it, upgrade soon!