Newest version finished?

Last week, Ron mentioned he was close to another new version. Did I miss it?

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Not sure which version you’re currently working with. Let me know and I’ll let you know if you missed anything.

Thanks so much, Chucker, for getting back to me. My version is 12.71.1


We released 12.74 a week ago but we’ll have yet another release within a week as we finish tweaking things. Unless you’re experiencing issues with your current release, wait for the next release.

Thanks so much, Chucker:

Much appreciated.

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I see that there is version 12.75 in the download area. Is that the new version you were referring to, and what changes does it incorporate?



This is the latest version. However, what’s new depends upon what version you’re currently using.

We have changed some of the documentation, some of the names, the way that Show Numbers works, and a few other things, but I’ll let Ron document any changes since he’s the one who makes them.


Fixed some bugs in Show Numbers and it now works in Save As/Open dialog boxes.

Improved documentation for Show Numbers and some other features.

We now refer to the numbers interface as ‘Super Numbers’ and the Overlays as ‘My Numbers.’

Thanks Ron,

Has there been a change to ‘Show Open Programs’? When I say that the window which opens is entitled ‘Open Windows’, and this is also displayed if I say ‘Show Open Windows’.

I am glad that it displays instantaneously and does not include VP in the list.



You can use either command. The results are the same.