Newbie question-creating a chrome command

First, let me say that I love this application. As a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic, this (along with Dragon, obviously) has made using a computer a reality for me (as a former IT director, losing the ability to use a keyboard was quite painful). So, thank you for all your work.

I have tried to understand how to accomplish this but I am a little gun shy about making changes to the XML files… If this is even the right place to test this. I was looking for was a way to create a command similar to your “go back”, “go forward” commands where I could say “go home” and have the home button pressed in chrome.

Would you please point me in the right direction to see if I can create this (assuming, of course, this is possible)?

Thanks in advance.


Editing the VoiceComputer XMLs can give you some powerful additional options but in this case the easiest way is to create a simple Dragon SendKeys command which is application-specific to Chrome (preferably using DVC scripting which is twice as fast as Advanced Scripting):

Go Home

SendKeys "{Alt+Home}"

If you are using Advanced Scripting the script would be:

Sub Main
SendKeys "%{Home}"
End Sub

Thanks so much for the quick reply. Easy-peasy now that you pointed it out to me (duh).