New voice computer software

Will there be a fee for the new voice computer program when it is released?

Not for you and other users who have bought or upgraded to VC 14. It’ll be released tomorrow.

Was it released?

Good afternoon, Ron,

I downloaded the new release. When I ran it it said I had it already installed. My installed version is 14.5.03.




<p>You forget that you can't install any new release if the previous version isn<font face="Arial">’t uninstalled first.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>There is no 14.5.03. Check the Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features. What shows as the version number under VoiceComputer is likely 14.6.03, which is, or should be, current.</p>

where can I download the most recent version?


As always, Chucker,

Thanks so much. I just have to stop sniffing glue!

Have an enjoyable Memorial Day.



You'll be notified when it is available. Don't expect major revisions.

Chucker2016-05-23 06:40:57

Mine showed 14.5.03.

Uninstalled everything and am downloading hopefully 14.06.03.




Just noticed the link says “14.5 .” However it is the Business/Government upgrade.

Is that the latest for that VC?



14.5 is the latest.

We’ve had 14.6x in beta for quite a while and were ready to release but then a problem cropped up with the new release of Chrome.

Once we fix the problem in the next week or so, we’ll finally release 14.65.

In the meanwhile, if anyone is dependent on our Chrome extension for work, send me an email and we can send you a release with a workaround for the problems.

Much appreciated, Ron,

Thanks and enjoy the holiday,