New version running according to taskmaster but wi

I just downloaded the new version. It does not understand any of my commands and and simply says "please say again."

As noted, in the task manager under processes it says that VoiceComputer is running. However, the VoiceComputer icon that goes into the taskbar is not present.

Any ideas?



Chucker: please check your personal messages. Thank you. Trionalaw2012-12-21 12:58:55


I responded to your private message. Try this:

Shut down everything and reboot your system. My guess is that even though VoiceComputer is running, it’s not linked to Dragon. In fact, Dragon may be the problem, which is why you should shut it down completely and reboot and try again. As I said in my private message, let me know ASAP if you’re still having a problem.

I again blame this on the royal pregnancy and the office Christmas party last night,

I restarted the computer and VoiceComputer recognize my command “show main menu” in its new version. However, just now, VoiceComputer crashed again unexpectedly.

As Emily Lutella used to say on SLN: "It’s always something."

Happy holidays,


Chuck or Ron,

I see that 12_25_4 is now available, but there is no indication of any new features so is this just a bug fix? If not then what new functionality is included?

To all at VC - have a great Christmas.


Where do you get the newest version from? Is it a free upgrade for those of us that purchased in the last year?


You should be able to follow the link in an email you have had previously, when you purchased VC.
We found a bug. If you configure the newest release for a different screen resolution. the help commands stop working. I'll fix this very soon and then announce 12.25.4 on the forum. We'll send a mailing within the next day.
All of our updates are free for those who bought within the last year but you should know that we changed our upgrade policy. The next upgrade you'll need to purchase is the version we release for Dragon 13.
To download the newest version, just follow the last download link that you were sent by us. Our links always lead to the most recent release. We'll be resending your download link in our mailing.
Also, we changed serial numbers in mid-September so if your serial number begins with two letters, e.g., 'MK-', you have an old serial number and you'll have to email us to get your new one.
RonK2012-12-22 09:01:33

Hello, the previous post mentioned something about “our mailing.” I’m wondering what this is referring to and whether I am on the list for this mailing. I am the user of VoiceComputer although not the person within my organization who made the purchase.

Thank you

I guess I need to include my name. It’s Laurel (regarding previous post).


First, was the purchase of VoiceComputer downloaded from the download link, or did you get the physical media (CD)?

Second, if VoiceComputer is up and running on your system, say “show VoiceComputer version” and let me know the complete version number that is displayed.

If you have the most current version of VoiceComputer (, then you have to activate it. If during the activation and entering the activation code you clicked on register and activate, then you are on our mailing list. If you have an earlier version (i.e., you would still have to go through the activation process and register. Even under this condition, you should be on our mailing list as long as you registered.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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