New user developing system for quadriplegic

Hi everyone. Just installed VC and pleased with many aspects so far. It is clearly superior to some other products I have tried and will genuinely reduce the use of mouse and keyboard. However there are many areas which make its use by a quadriplegic very problematic.

Unless I have missed something very obvious, this forum is a clear example. For example when I ask it to “show numbers” it numbers everything except the message box. So I choose the number of the subject box and enter the subject, choose the number for a the message icon and enter an icon – then what do I do? How do I get into the Message Box to write and actual message?

This is a big issue for a number of friendly and unfriendly applications where the inability to get into a specific box will stop a quadriplegic in his/her tracks. I will post for help on a specific example which seems to require the creation of an overlay – a technical thing that I’m struggling with.

Anyway, looking forward to communicating with other users. It would be particularly helpful if there are any other quadriplegic users that require complete hands-free use and can put me straight on how they get round things.

Hello Richard,

I'm also a quadriplegic, and have found this tool to be extremely helpful.

Are you familiar with the screengrid concept? If you say "show screen grid" then you see the xy-coordinate display on the screen. You then can see exactly where on the screen that your cursor needs to be. You hide this display by closing the screengrid "close screengrid". You would then issue the command "mouse # at #", where the 1st # is the X coordinate in the second of course is the y.

I also use another product that complements voice computer extremely well. It's called speech productivity, and can be found at

It provides me with some great dictation box improvements over dragon's. It has also opened up my eyes to the power of customizing capabilities by using dragon's commands. There are a lot of features that it provides, definitely worth taking a look if you haven't already done so.

Both of these tools provide a lot of extra capability that really helps with hands-free operation!

All the best,

Thomas, it is kind of you to reply to my requests. I am so sorry to hear that you are quadriplegic. I am just beginning to realise what a demanding and debilitating condition it is. My dear friend of many years (a really active person) went into hospital for what was said to be a relatively routine operation to free a nerve in her neck and when she woke up she was on a ventilator and paralysed from the neck down. She is now off a ventilator and has recovered a small movement in her shoulders and arms but nothing in the hands and fingers or below the waist.

Hence my efforts to develop a hands-free system to at least get her back online. I appreciate any help that you can give. As to your points – I feel rather feeble but I cannot get any form of screen grid. I’ve tried every conceivable version of “show screen grid”, “create screen grid”, “create grid” and so on but nothing happens. However I have now managed to create an overlay that allows me to open the “Search for Contacts” box which is one of the dialogues when creating a new Gmail email.

As to your tip about speech productivity – I will definitely follow this up.

Thanks again mate – Richard

From the help screens

You need to first enable the voicecomputer mouse commands
say “configure voice computer”, then “1 open”
check the mouse commands box to enable
then restart voice computer

Thomas Reid2019-07-20 10:43:52

Thanks Tom - now I have a grid. I willl work out tomorrow how to use itLOL


A lot of times text boxes can be selected by saying “click edit”. Screen grid is also nice, you don’t necessarily have to bring up the screen grid to use it. You can say Mouse 15 at 30. Sometimes I press tab to get to things that are hard to select. You can also select the address bar on chrome by saying “press control L”.

These are a few things that helped me speed up my computer use.