New Upgrade

Wow! Although I haven't had time to fully explore your new upgrade, I love the graphical interface. Very nice indeed. As I have said before, I wish I had something like this when I was first starting out with speech recognition. It would have saved me so much time, money and frustration. THANKS for your ever-improving program! It's awesome. <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

At this point about the only microscopic suggestion I could make would be that when I pin the program icon to the task bar, the “Shut Down Speech” icon and the VoicePower help icons are the same, which could lead one to accidently shutting down VoicePower if they get in too big of a hurry and don't hover the cursor over the icon to make sure of what they are actually doing. Of course, if that happens, obviously that is a user error, not a program error.

Again, microscopic point... The program has been awesome from the first release and it just gets better and better with each new release! As if that were not enough, your level of tech support has always been outstanding!




The “Shut Down Speech” shortcut is now unnecessary in VoicePower 11.2. That is, it’s accessible, but redundant. We have automated the startup of VoicePower and Dragon by simply double-clicking on the VoicePower icon which launches the VoicePower Startup Utility, automatically loads Dragon and your most recent user profile, and then automatically launches VoicePower. We did this for greater hands-free access for those with limited or no use of their hands. By putting the VoicePower icon in the Windows Startup folder, the entire load process is automatic during boot up without the necessity to put both the Dragon and VoicePower icons in the Windows Startup folder and configure the Dragon shortcut for a particular user. In other words, it’s one step process that requires no modification or interaction on the part of the user except to place the VoicePower shortcut in the Startup folder. In addition, as has been the case, you can change user profiles if necessary by voice once Dragon is loaded and active. This does not interfere with or cause any loss of connectivity to VoicePower.

In addition, the VoicePower Startup Utility has a second feature that incorporates to functions: (1) shutting down both Dragon and VoicePower completely, and (2) shutting down and restarting both Dragon and VoicePower. Once VoicePower is loaded, all you have to do is to say “open VoicePower” and the following dialog box is displayed:

This dialog is completely accessible by voice even though it doesn’t appear so at first. All you have to do is to say “move down” and “1. Shutdown speech recognition.” will be highlighted. If that’s what you want all you have to do is say “OK” and VoicePower will automatically shut down both Dragon and VoicePower just as you use the “Shut Town Speech” in the previous version. If you want to shut down and restart, simply say “move down” again and “2. Shutdown speech recognition and RESTART.” will be highlighted, after which you can say “OK” and VoicePower and Dragon will shutdown and restart automatically. No interaction on the part of the user is necessary. It’s all now automated.

Ah, totally automated! Wow! That’s even better! Thanks for your wonderful explanation!



I apologize. I forgot to thank you for your kind remarks and continued support. We genuinely respect and appreciate your feedback and kind words.

Is the 64-bit version available yet? I still have 11.1 available for download.



64-bit version will be coming soon. We need to do bug fixes before we release the final 32-bit and 64-bit versions. We’ll announce it.

Ron, Chuck --</p><p>I join in thanking you for this excellent update to VoicePower!!</p><p>And thank you for your outstanding customer/technical support.</p><div>Russell</div>