New release problems with tagging

As always, I am the 1st to have a question it seems.

I just downloaded the new release. I gave the order “show my computer” and was able to tag some of the folders. However, on one number when I say tag it, it just says tag 81 in the screen at the bottom. And then the list simply goes blank.

In addition, within folder number 81 are other folders which I was successfully able to tag in the past. As I recall, I would simply say list that number and up popped a numbered list with what was contained in it and I could tag the number.

Any ideas?

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Will test and see whether we can duplicate your problem.

In the meanwhile, you should be able to import previous tags. (Chuck reports a bug with importing Outlook folder shortcuts from backup which I’m looking into, but no problem with importing tags.

Say, “Configure VoiceComputer” and then “10 Open” [Import VoiceComputer Configuration files.])

Can’t duplicate your problem.

Does the folder name have any unusual characters?
How many favorites have you added?


The configure process you suggested doesn’t work for me but then again I may not be using it right. The tag 81 problem was solved with me restarting my computer. 81 is a folder called Triona on my server drive. It has 2 folders within it for which I was able to make tags.

The 2 folders are: “Ready for Final Review” and "JPT Has Reviewed and Approved."

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Will be retesting the configure command today.

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The configure process you suggested doesn’t work for me but then again I may not be using it right

The "Import VoiceComputer’s configuration files failed to mention that you have to restart Speech recognition in order for all of the imported commands to work. Will correct this.


Today I tried to configure my computer again. This time, it acted perfectly. It allowed me to list the 2nd folder and I have all my commands in place now.

I think sometimes the electrons just get mad at me for some reason.

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No, it simply a principle of Quantum computing called the Microsoft Uncertainty Principle or, more importantly, what I call the Bill Gates “up yours” theory of Quantum computing. What it boils down to is that Windows sits there in the background with a pair of binoculars watching what you’re doing and periodically turning around to Bill Gates and saying, “Look Bill, we caught another one”.Ouch

Chucker2013-03-02 08:17:10