New release: 12.63

Version 12.63 is available for download.

It’s noticeably faster because we optimized the command lists.

It supports Windows 8.1. (Windows 8 is now easy to control by voice!)

We’ve improved our Screen Grid and mouse commands. We’ve improved our ‘Press x at y commands’ making it easy to drill down through any content

You can now make your Super Number overlays Windows specific.

For anyone experiencing problems with Windows 8-8.1 and DNS 12.5, should be aware by now that there is an update that brings your DNS 12.5 up to In addition, this update provides full support for resolving issues with Microsoft Office 2013, if anyone is had problems with such, as well as full support for IE 11.

Having had the opportunity to fully test this update to DNS 12.5 with VoiceComputer 12.63, I can assure everyone that updating to is not only beneficial to anyone using Windows 8/8.1, but you need not worry about any compatibility or program issues with VoiceComputer 12.63. Everything works just fine and updating your Dragon 12.5 using the new update is highly recommended.

To avoid problems installing this update, please use the following procedures.

  1. Click on the Help | Check for Updates.

  2. Select Download only. Do not run the update from the Software Manager prompt. As with the DNS 12.5 service pack release, doing so will only create problems.

  3. Once you have downloaded the 12.5.1 update, save your Dragon user profile first to make sure that if profile maintenance is required that that is done before you close VoiceComputer and Dragon. Then, use the VoiceComputer utility to “Shutdown Speech”. Once VoiceComputer and Dragon NaturallySpeaking are successfully closed, and only then, go to the location where you have downloaded the 12.5.1 update and double-click on that file. The update should proceed without any difficulty. Note that you may be prompted that the Flexnet and/or dgnsvc are still open and require shutdown. Select the radio button for automatically closing these applications, but don’t worry of Dragon can’t automatically close them. These are auxiliary aspects of DNS and, even though you may be required to reboot after installing the DNS 12.5.1 update, the failure to shut these down is inconsequential. That is, you can proceed regardless of whether DNS automatically closes these files. What you don’t want is Dragon open and active when running the 12.5.1 update because that can and will cause you a lot of headaches.

If anyone experiences any difficulty applying the update, being sure that you use the above procedures, let us know. I did run into one problem with one of my systems and I can provide anyone having the same problem with a solution if necessary. Done correctly, you shouldn’t experience any problems. However, when reporting such a problem, please be sure that you provide all the details including verbatim error messages.Chucker2013-10-30 01:31:35

When I check for updates all I can see is Service Pack 1 dated 2013-02-13 via Help/Check for Updates and my version of Dragon is, but I am running Windows 7.

I have done a quick search of Nuance’s website but cannot see any mention of an update, but perhaps they have hidden it to prevent anyone finding it!!!

I am guessing that there is no advantage to me in chasing the minor update to …142, would that be right?



For some there may be not as significant advantage as the is for others, particularly those that are using Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office 2013. Nevertheless, there are some important fixes in this update, which is not a service pack release but an update. It’s only approximately 83 MB in size, but whether you get significant advantage from having it not, it’s well worth the update because of what it does fix for everyone regardless.

If all you see is the Service Pack 1, then the Software Manager is not seeing your version of Dragon as 12.5. I had that problem on my laptop. What you might want to do is try reinstalling the SP1 and then check again. The update is listed as Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5.1.Chucker2013-10-30 15:12:31

Thanks Chuck,

I had to reboot the computer as the service pack did not reinstall the first time, but when I did a check for updates it showed ‘Update for Dragon 12.5 New*’, dated 2013-10-29 and I now have version

I had forgotten how long it took for the SP to install, but at least it is done.


Has anyone had an issue losing their User profile? I used the VC shutdown process and when I rebooted my user profile had vanished - not available in the profile list and Dragon wanted to calibrate the microphone. Luckily I was able to restore a backup and all was fine.


We build in any number of safeguards to the VoiceComputer Startup/Shutdown utility so as to prevent problems like the one you experienced.

However, the fact that your profile disappeared on reboot is highly unusual and most likely the fault of either Windows or Dragon. That type of problem usually occurs because Windows fails to write information to your hard drive properly. Our utility does everything that it possibly can to prevent this from happening.

Regardless, you can point the finger at either Dragon or Windows as the real cause.Chucker2013-11-15 12:04:00