New feature request


I love all the great features and useability of VoiceComputer. The Intag feature is just one of many such features and you folks just keep making the program better with each new release.

One thing I would love for you to consider adding to a future release is a “Check for Updates” button that would check and see if there were a newer version and then give you the option of downloading it. I know I would still have to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one but it would make it a little easier and take the guess work out of knowing if there’s another version out there I wasn’t aware of.

Keep up the great work and customer support! Kiddos!


I second that request.I’m often surprised when I read others talk about a newer update. Unless Ron makes a big announcement, I never know when to update.

We've had far too many updates to announce them all. I assume that some of you have a life and have better things to do then upgrade every month.

But now that major development is almost finished, maybe I'll have a life and release few upgrades.