Needing "click" to activate a number

I’m sorry, it’s probably a stupid question. But since a few days it seems I need to say “click” in front of numbers. But I don’t remember changing anything, and I can’t find the a configuration in the VoiceComputer settings that I need to change. Could you guide me please?

There is no configuration for this.

Maybe the VoiceComputer data files got corrupted.

Reboot your computer

Run :“Reconfigure VoiceComputer” (Windows Search)

Restart VoiceComputer. All commands will be reset to the default.

I tried this, and it didn’t make a difference. Every now and then I get a good hit, and unless this is by chance, it seems that if I say “click number” once, the next number I speak without saying “click” is recognized. But after that, no longer, until I say “click” again.

There’s probably a macro, an app or a program on your computer that’s interfering with VoiceComputer.

Shut down speech, open Dragon, create a new Dragon user profile and then open VoiceComputer.

If the numbers still don’t work.:

Shut down all other programs on your computer.

If you still have a problem, go to the task manager and disable as many of the apps that you can which are opening on startup.
Reboot and test VoiceComputer again.

Please email me the Dragon log (Windows Search: Show Dragon Log)

and the VoiceComputer log.txt file located in C:\ProgramData\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer

We work with a tech that can do this for you at $75. an hour. If the problem is actually with VoiceComputer, we’ll pay him.

Disabling programs didn’t make a difference, but creating a new user profile did. It would be nice if we would know what caused this, so that I could avoid it happening again…

Did you create a new profile for Dragon or VoiceComputer?

There is no click option in any of the VoiceComputer settings. However, if you open the Dragon Options dialog/Commands, there are two options:

Require “Click” to select menus.

Require “Click” to select buttons and other controls.

If these are accidentally selected, whatever the reason, this will cause the problem you were having.

Chuck Runquist
Technical Project Manager
VoiceTeach LLC

I created a new Dragon profile. not sure what i tmeans to create a new VC profile…?

Yes, the settings in Dragon were set so that saying ‘click’ isn’t required. That was the first thing I checked.