Need help – upgrade went on awry

As I always do, prior to upgrading last night I exported the settings to a thumb drive. Â I then downloaded the latest version and did an import. Â However, only a few of the most important “send to email folder names” showed up. Â When I open the settings folder on the backup, I see all of them but they won’t appear when I do an import from the latest version.Chucker2013-09-09 07:51:41

I was able to manually copy and paste the settings file. Â I’m not sure what went wrong with the upgrade. Â But, it seems to be okay now.Chucker2013-09-09 07:52:12

We’ll give the import feature additional testing to see if we can duplicate this issue.

Gary et al.,

First, and this is critically important, avoid manually copying and pasting your settings, custom command, etc. When you uninstall a previous version of VoiceComputer and install a new version, we automatically copy your VoiceComputer folder from “VoiceComputer” to "VoiceComputer.bk#, where #= the number of any backup VoiceComputer folders. The higher the number, the more current the backup. For example, VoiceComputer.bk1 would be older than VoiceComputer.bk5.

Second, new versions often contain modifications to our command files. These are transferred to the new “VoiceComputer” folder. If you manually copy and paste your settings, custom commands, etc., you may inadvertently overwrite current XML command files with older ones. The consequent result is that VoiceComputer commands may not function (execute) or work properly.

In the “configure VoiceComputer” screen we include two options to backup and import any all settings and VoiceShortcuts that you have created, including any Super Numbers overlays. Like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, these backup/import options (#8 and #9 in the configure VoiceComputer dialog). They are designed specifically to allow you to safely import any of your settings, VoiceShortcuts, or custom commands and overlays. We strongly advise all users to use these options. If you manually copy and paste and do so incorrectly, this can result in problems that are difficult to undo at best, and you can be SOL at worst.

Lastly, when you use the backup and import commands, be sure that you carefully read each dialog screen before proceeding. Also, every dialog and every screen in VoiceComputer is speech-enabled such that you can use the Dragon Say-What-You-See (Tracking) to navigate through all of our dialogs and any Windows dialogs, such as what you will find when you use the VoiceComputer backup/import commands.

If anyone is uncertain as to how to specifically proceed through any of these backup/import procedures, please let me know and I will document this for you.

Also, in a prior version of VoiceComputer we fixed a problem with empty items in your VoiceShortcuts lists. At one point in a previous version leaving a blank entry in between other entries in your VoiceShortcuts lists resulted in VoiceComputer seeing this as an end of file and leaving off the remaining VoiceShortcuts entries. For example, if you had 10 VoiceShortcuts for controlling your “send to/change to” folder options in Microsoft Outlook and you eliminated #5, only the first four would show up when you import your VoiceComputer settings/commands, etc. this should be fixed in the latest versions of VoiceComputer, but as Ron says, we’ll check this to be sure.

Postscript update: Gary et al., I just checked this and it is not fixed.

Therefore, before you export your commands (settings) be sure that any VoiceShortcuts list that you have does not have a blank entry in the middle of that list. For example if you have 10 entries for any specific shortcuts list and you blank out or delete #5. When you export your commands (settings) and then reimport them, #1 through #4 will import correctly but #6 through #10 will not import.

For the time being, just make sure that you don’t blank out an entry in any VoiceShortcuts list. Either leave it alone or replace it with a new entry before you export your commands (settings). I’ve already notified Ron that this issue remains unresolved.Chucker2013-09-09 11:45:05


That is exactly what happened. I had a blank favorite on my sixth row. That is why only the first 5 appeared on the new favorites listing.