navigating folders and hard drives consistently

So when I’m trying to browse folders on hard drives, I’m using various commands but really I don’t know if they are the right ones and they just work by a fluke. finding help files in DNS or VP seems to be no help. I ask to see help files on “browsing files” or “browsing directories” and various other words. so when I do browse directories in my hard drive and i can most certainly head into directories, but if I want to back up one I get stuck because something so simple as “go back” or “previous directory” is apparently not a command…if I could find the help files for doing this I wouldn’t be asking you in the forum.

You can access help on browsing files and folders from the main menu. Just say: "Show File Guide"

The File Guide has help on accessing files through the Windows Explorer but it shows you a much easier way with VoicePower commands. Try, "View List Navigation."
You can also get help on a topic by saying "Search VoicePower" and then entering a search term such as directories.
You can also look in the Index "Show Index."
We'll be releasing an upgrade to VoicePower's Voice Directories feature in the next couple of weeks.