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arising out of a question on the Knowbrainer forum regarding moving between fields I checked in VT and all that I could find were commands that moved between fields in a table and not between individual fields in a Word document.

The description did not explicitly state that the commands were only for fields in a table in the one location where it appeared.

Just an observation.




Which location where you specifically referring to?

Can you be more detailed both in terms of VoicePower and the references on KnowBrainer?

Chucker2010-03-11 04:15:57


If you go to show index show section 6 and select show navigation commands, and go to the bottom you get

Moving between fields Tab etc.

this only works in tables.

To move between fields in Word

press the following key “{F11}” this is also the keystroke command used in KnowBrainer.

I tried to insert a picture but was unable to using the above icon. How do I navigate to an image on my computer and then upload it?


First, thank you for the location. We are still in the process of updating some of our help screens because they contain information that is out of date for the current version of DNS (10-10.1).

Second, in DNS 10-10.1, and I'm assuming that you are working with your Coreâ„¢ i7 920 in Windows 7 64-bit, the commands that you're looking for are "next field" and "previous field". These are Dragon commands, not VoicePower commands, as is the case with the "Tab" commands. We basically don't replace DNS command functionality where it works properly. That would be reinventing the wheel. Nevertheless, moving between fields has changed as noted.

However, there are some caveats to some of these commands. These caveats are basically issues relative to Microsoft Word vs. Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

1. In the Preferred version of DNS 10-10.1, the "next..." and "previous..." commands are listed in the Command Browser Re: fields, but they do not work in DNS 10.0-10.1 Preferred except for the standalone commands "next" and "previous". I only point this out for the benefit of VoicePower users who are using DNS Preferred. The "next" and "previous" standalone commands do not just shift between fields, they shift between paragraphs as well. These are also available to the Professional versions. You may wish to try them out because there are some circumstances under which these work better. For example, if you have fields interspersed with paragraphs, the "select <1-20> paragraph" commands do not work absolutely correctly. That is, if there is any field in the 19th paragraph location and a field in the 20th paragraph location and you say "select 20th paragraph", DNS will only go to the 19th paragraph and will not progress to the 20th paragraph because it is a field. Whether this is a bug issue in Microsoft Word or bug issue in DNS is up for grabs. Nevertheless you may find that there are some strange behaviors relative to selecting paragraphs by number wherein you have fields interspersed in a document.

2. Although all of these commands are listed in the Command Browser under Global commands if you search on (filter) next and/or previous not all of them work. For example, you may find "go to previous field" and "go to next field", as well as their corresponding move commands may not work, or at least may not work properly in all situations. This is particularly true in the case where fields are inserted or interspersed in a document. Nevertheless, there are sufficient commands that do work. Also, you cannot say "go to the previous field" or "go to the next field" because "the" is not an option in these commands.

3. Recently, I have found a bug in DNS 10-10.1 relative to the "Voice Dictation Commands". That is, some documents may not use the proper normal.dotm. This usually occurs with documents that you receive from others vs. documents you create yourself. There was some reference a while ago on one of the forums that referred to this problem is being related to documents that have been saved in the "docx" format in Microsoft Word 2007. Actually it has nothing to do with this, but it has everything to do with normal.dotm.

If you should happen to run into this issue, one solution is to go to the Microsoft templates folder (C:UsersChuckAppDataRoamingMicrosoftTemplates) and delete the normal.dotm. However, before you do this you need to close down Dragon NaturallySpeaking and make sure that Microsoft Word is also closed. Otherwise, the change will not take place properly and/or you will not be able to delete the normal.dotm file. Make sure that you relaunch DNS with your profile first and then open Microsoft Word. All of the Natural Language Commands should then work properly. Note that if you have made changes to the normal.dotm, then you will have to reenter them. To do this, simply open normal.dotm in Microsoft Word, make the appropriate changes, and save the file.

Lastly, if you are having problems with any of the Natural Language Commands that are listed under the "Voice Dictation Commands" in the Command Browser, this can be caused at times by two distinctly different factors:

1. A corrupted mycmds.dat file.

2. Upgrading a previous user version in which the mycmds.dat does not get updated properly relative to the built-in Natural Language Commands.

In both cases, the best approach is to (professional versions only) export your custom commands. Don't worry about whether you are exporting built-in commands or not, just export your custom commands. Close DNS. Go to your users folder under currentvoice_container and delete the mycmds.dat file. Restart Dragon NaturallySpeaking and reload your user profile. This will reinstall a pristine version of your mycmds.dat file. Import your custom commands. However, when you import your custom commands you will probably get prompted with "... already exists, do you want to overwrite it" (that's an approximate and not verbatim necessarily because I'm working off the top of my head). When prompted, ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS, select "No to all". In this way you are not replacing or futzing with any of the built-in commands that come with DNS out-of-the-box. This is just a safety precaution. It may not make any difference at all, but why risk copying something that may have caused the problem initially.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.

Chucker2010-03-11 08:29:25


thanks for your extensive reply. It is always good to be reminded of what one has forgotten or requires reinforcing.

unfortunately I am not so mobile at present as I have broken my left arm and wrist.(I’m lefthanded)

the upside though is thank goodness for DNS,KB and VT as I can at least perform some useful work.

I will cerainly be brushing up and learning more navigation commands to limit the keyboard and mouse use in the next 6 weeks!!


I would really like to know how to add images in this forum using the icon on the toolbar as I could not work out how to do this. Must I download and install the viewer program to be able to do so?