NatSpeak Word add-in

I have been having consistent problems with Word 2007 not responding. I usually get a menu box telling me to disable the NatSpeak Word add-in. Of course when I do so I can’t dictate into Word. I haven’t tried any other applications.

Anyone have any ideas what could be occurring to cause this?

As always, thanks so much appreciated.



This is not normal with any version (current) of DNS 10.1 through 12.0. The clause can be related to Microsoft Office 2007 (i.e., necessitating either a repair or an uninstall and reinstall of Microsoft Office 2007), or it can be indirectly related to DNS relative to either your user profile or the necessity to do a repair of DNS.

My suggestion would be to first try a repair of DNS, followed by an uninstall and reinstall of Microsoft Office 2007. Sometimes a repair of Microsoft Office doesn't fix these types of problems necessitating a complete uninstall and reinstall. You don't have to worry about losing any data or any Outlook e-mails because the uninstall and reinstall will preserve such.

I would also suggest that you send me a copy of your Dragon log, or attached the Dragon.log file. If you do attach it, our website doesn't necessarily support files with *.log as the extension, copy your Dragon.log file to the Windows desktop and then rename the file from Dragon.log to Dragon.txt before you attach it. If you want to send it directly to me, you do not need to rename it. Just send the entire Dragon.log file to

I'll take a look at it and see what I can find.